The K Ohle with Kurt Braunohler

Kurt and his beautiful wife Lauren talk about trying to have sex everyday for a month, dorky first interactions, and having sex in her boss's house when they both had bed bugs. Plus, they answer your marriage and relationship questions - put your questions in the comments to have them answered next time. Up top, Kurt talks about a Hot Tub double vinyl recording, getting attacked post-show, and how he was a pervy kid.

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Kurt blindfolds Nick Thune and drives him somewhere he's never been! It gets deep pretty quick. Kurt talks about Australia up top.

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Lenny Jacobson is the star of Big Time in Hollywood, FL premiering on Comedy Central on March 25th 10:30pm. Lenny talks Goblin sharks, the show, and a a rousing game of  "Rather Die".

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Kurt takes comedian Chris Thayer on a blindfolded adventure into the unknown. Children are involved. Chris reveals that he REALLY likes being blindfolded and can identify even the most esoteric of noises. Kurt talks up front about a bunch of crap.

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New Format Alert! Newlyweds, Kurt and Lauren, try to figure out what it means to be married. They take listeners questions, and give advice from a serial monogamist (Kurt) and a serial dater (Lauren). Plus they talk about embarrassing masturbation situations. Well, specifically one. Up front Kurt talks about writing in hotels.

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The tables are turned in this Austin edition of Get Lost - Kurt is blindfolded by friend and poet Derrick Brown and taken somewhere he has never been. And it's a good one!

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A very different Cleveland episode of Get Lost. Instead of blindfolding anyone, Kurt takes Lachlan Patterson (Last Comic Standing) and Ramon Rivas (Godfather of the Cleveland Comedy Scene) on a Cleveland adventure in the snow. They talk about the emotional roller coaster of being on the road, and the emerging Cleveland comedy scene. Up front Kurt talks about drinking and God. Get into it.

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Kurt blindfolds podcaster Travis McElroy (My Brother, My Brother, and Me) and takes him somewhere he's never been. A psychogeographical adventure for the haha squad! Up top Kurt talks about The Drive Through Safari.

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Kurt talks all things boats with master improvisor and writer-director from Portland John Breen . But it's not just about BOATS! In the first half we talk boats and in the second half we talk as REAL HUMAN BEINGS! We chat all about improv back in the day in NYC when long form first arrived courtesy of UCB. Plus I talk up front about my new project "Message in a Beer" and the fact that I might be getting arrested soon, or have a bunch of new friends. Enjoy!

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