The K Ohle with Kurt Braunohler

Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett from Found Footage Fesival sit down with Kurt by the pool of a swanky hotel in Miami and talk pets. Topics include professional yo-yo prank, topless girls, and their insane license photos. Kurt up top chats about American Airlines, TSA agents, and moisturizing lotion.

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A brand new K Ohle format! Kurt goes surfing with Twitter phenom Shelby Fero - they chat in the car ride out to the surf, surf (without mics, sadly), and then chat on the way back. They talk a little bit about surfing, but mostly about random weirdness. Plus, up top, the fantastic poetry of Derrick Brown!

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Kurt blindfolds comedian Pat Shepherd and throws him in sculptor Steve Shaheen's car for a special back-home-NYC-Thanksgiving-best-buds episode. Topics include Pat's car sick vomiting, Steve's stone sculpture, chain smoking Zen monks who live in Yurts in the woods and have taught us so much, and sweat lodges. It's a doozy.

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Kurt blindfolds Cameron and throws her in his car and drives her somewhere she's never been. And in a Get Lost first - they get busted trying to go to their secret location - so they hit up plan B. Topics include - Carneys, performing for two late night show hosts at a time, and high school mascots. Plus Kurt rambles about Costco, guardian angels and yawning.

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Jenny wows Kurt with her grace, humor, and etiquette while they talk about Jenny's dog Reggie Watts, Mercury being in retrograde, and why opera singers are creepy. Plus, Kurt announces his new call in show! Call 323-379-4049 and ask Kurt any question - he'll read the google voice transcription of your message and answer that mangled garbage. Call now! Show coming soon!

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Nick and Kurt chat about animals. Topics include: crazy boat parties, sad stories about dogs, and we play How Would You Rather Die? Plus, Kurt vents some beefs about coffee shops.

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Brett (Eagleheart, Gelmania, everything) talks boats with Kurt, and explains owning a human being, the difference between an apparatus and a boat, and things get heated when Kurt gets some serious beef off his chest.

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Nick and Kurt chat about throwing kittens against walls, security questions, and play Marry Fuck Kill and Pet Name or Racial Slur. Plus, Kurt gets existential about airports and flip flops. Catch Nick on his stand up tour this fall -!

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Kurt gets lost in Detroit! Jad Abumrad (co-host of NPR's Radiolab) allows Kurt to blindfold him, throw him in a car and take him somewhere he's never been before. This week Kurt is aided by his Detroit local guide, artist and photographer, Julia Solis. You can check out some of Julia's amazingly beautiful work at!

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Kurt and Sean Donnelly talk pets, Jersey accents, and the difference between garter and gardner snakes, and play a new game: How Would You Rather Die. Plus Kurt talks about Gravity, colleges, and names for listeners.

Warning: There is an audio issue and Kurt's mic cuts out intermittenly throughout the end of the podcast!

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